Skin Changes

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wasn't born yesterday
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Skin Changes

Postby Mighty Oak » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:31 pm

Hello girls,
Just wondering if any of you have noticed skin changes following chemo? I have developed several, quite deep, wrinkles at either side of my mouth and above my top lip. I always had smooth skin apart from a few light crows feet around my eyes. I drink a lot and moisturise morning and night. I know it sounds trivial after all the other stuff that's been going on, but the darn wrinkles appeared so suddenly. I haven't lost weight either so that's not the cause. Does chemo break down the collagen in our skin I wonder?
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Dx Jan 2016 Stage 3, 5cm grade 3 tumour er/pr-/her2+ FEC X 4, Taxotere x 4, Herceptin 12 mths.
Bilateral mastectomy with L axillary clearance followed by Rads x 25.

5mm er+\pr+ her2- tumour plus dcis x3 found during final pathology

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