EMPathy Breast Cancer Network - great article to read

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Re: EMPathy Breast Cancer Network - great article to read

Postby Janette » Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:36 pm

Thank Kym for posting, good to know.

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EMPathy Breast Cancer Network - great article to read

Postby Kym B. » Sun Oct 06, 2013 10:30 am

The EMPathy Breast Cancer Network needs little introduction within breast cancer organisations and scientific circles. This Australia-wide team of scientists, medical oncologists and surgeons is supported and funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to investigate the role of ‘EMP’ (see below) in breast cancer recurrence (i.e. secondary, metastatic, advanced breast cancer).

My role within the EMPathy BCN is that of BCNA Consumer Representative. This means my aim is to represent the experience, views and priorities of Australians affected by breast cancer – people such as you.

As a Consumer Representative I also have the opportunity to learn in more depth about the EMPathy BCN research. As explained in much greater detail on the Empathy BCN website (http://www.empathybcn.org), ‘EMP’ stands for epithelial mesenchymal plasticity. EMP refers to changes and behaviours of cells in the body that allow these cells to alter certain characteristics. These cellular changes may, amongst other, be associated with breast cancer recurrence.

A recent article by Dr Karl-Johan Leuchowius and Dr Ian Street entitled ‘Searching for new drugs to prevent recurrence of breast cancer’ is well worth a read. The link for this article on the EMPathy BCN website is below. While you are visiting the website I encourage you to also browse the other publications and find out more about the extraordinary work being done by the EMPathy Breast Cancer Network.


As a breast cancer survivor myself, I feel privileged to work alongside the dedicated people in the EMPathy Breast Cancer Network and truly hope their research contributes to preventing breast cancer recurrence.

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