Is there a service missing for those with bc?

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Is there a service missing for those with bc?

Postby 2010 » Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:32 pm


I am wanting to get into some form of breast cancer related voluntary work in Perth (easier if South of the River). Just wondering what you've found the most helpful/useful service or alternatively where a service is missing? I work full time so I wondered about a scarf swapping service, I know csa has the wig swapping but there are some beautiful scarves out there that can be very expensive and I'm just trying to think of where there may be gap in services. I guess I thought of this because I could probably do it from home around working hours.
maybe something at csa? or some service i could set up myself that is needed (that I could do from home around work hours).

Please let me know of any service i could do to help the bc community especially if there's been some service that you feel is missing.

(posted to secondary and wa board)

Thank you everyone.

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