Exercise and counselling program coming up

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Re from Eric: Exercise and counselling program coming up

Postby Eric Martin » Sun Aug 14, 2011 11:40 pm

Hi all,

My name's Eric, and I run the exercise and counselling program posted about. One of the women who just joined the program told me about this website, and I'm flattered to already see a post about our work.

Molly copied my flyer ver batim, so I don't have anything to add in the way of pitching it, except to say this is the research for me to get my PhD with, so I really do need lots of women to participate. In fact, I am hoping to recruit another 80 women in the next 6 months.

Please give me a call at (08) 9433 0906 if you're interested in participating. The next course starts October 3rd, but the assessments need to be done throughout September so the course can start on time. After that we'll have a short break for Christmas (the whole Uni closes down), and then we'll be back online in January to keep on chuggin' through 2012.


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Exercise and counselling program coming up

Postby molly dooker » Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:11 am

I received this information from the Cancer Council a few days ago. University of Notre Dame is I think in Fremantle, so a little bit too far for me, but I may give them a call next week anyway just to enquire. Sounds great.

"The University of Notre Dame Australia is offering an exercise and counselling program for women and men who have had breast or prostate cancer, respectively. The program will be conducted over 10 weeks, and we are asking for participants to commit to three sessions per week over that time.
This research project is being undertaken by Eric Martin as part of his PhD studies. We are looking to recruit men who have had prostate cancer and women who have had breast cancer, both within the last 5 years.

The program includes:
1. 3x exercise sessions per week for 10 weeks
2. 1x counselling session per week (same day as an exercise session)
3. A tailored and structured exercise program for cancer survivors
4. Strategies to assist you with coping, diet, and lifestyle changes
5. An opportunity to meet fellow cancer survivors.
6. Strategies to help you continue a healthy lifestyle beyond the life of the program

How this program will help you:
1. Theory based behaviour changing strategies to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle.
2. Doesn't just show you how to exercise - teaches you how to exercise in any situation.

To be eligible for this study:
1. Women who have had breast cancer within the last 5 years.
2. Men who have had prostate cancer within the last 5 years.
3. If you are still having continuing treatment (eg. Tamoxifin, Herceptin, androgen deprivation therapy) you are still eligible to participate.

Next course starts August 1st followed by another on October 3rd.
For more information and to register your interest, please contact the program manager, Eric Martin (08) 9433 0906, eric.martin@nd.edu.au "
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