What's on at Breacan Feb - May 2015

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What's on at Breacan Feb - May 2015

Postby Janette » Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:11 pm


Shrinking the Worries
Date: Monday, 16/02/2015
Time: 11.00AM – 12.30PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
We all worry about things occasionally. But sometimes, especially after a major event in our lives such as a cancer diagnosis, we can find ourselves worrying more about all manner of things. This affects sleep, stress levels and general wellbeing. This session will look at a variety of ways to help you worry less. Our presenter is an experienced social worker. Helping people ‘shrink their worries’ has been a constant theme in her work.

What’s On The Horizon In Treatment And Research For Ovarian Cancer
Date: Monday, 23/02/2015
Time: 1:00PM - 3:00PM, (Followed by Afternoon Teal from 3:00PM)
Location: 4th Floor, Victoria Room

4th Floor, Victoria Room
An Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month event hosted by BreaCan and Ovarian Cancer Australia. Dr Deborah Neesham will speak about up and coming treatments and new directions in research for ovarian cancer.

Dr Neesham is a Gynaecological Oncologist in the Oncology and Dysplasia Unit at The Women’s. She is actively involved in local, national and international research through the International Gynaecological Cancer Society and the Australia and New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group. Join us for a delicious Afternoon Teal afterwards.

The information session will be from 1:00pm to 3:00pm and the Afternoon Teal will begin at 3:00pm.

Exercise During and After Cancer Treatment
Date: Thursday, 26/02/2015
Time: 12.30PM – 2.00PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
Current research shows that exercise after cancer improves survivorship, quality of life and general wellbeing. This presentation aims to educate women on the benefits of exercise and to discuss what to do when starting an exercise program after a cancer diagnosis. Our presenters are physiotherapists who work in cancer rehabilitation services and research into women’s cancers and exercise.


Sing Like No One Is Listening …And Love It!
Date: Wednesday, 04/03/2015
Time: 12.30PM – 2.00PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
‘The best things in life are free’ and singing is no exception. Well known for its benefits to our physical, mental, psychological and spiritual health, singing releases endorphins, relieves pain and stress and allows us to be completely present in the here and now. Singing is also a wonderful way to connect with oneself and others. Learn how to sing sweet, soulful, simple songs with your sistas as you have fun and experience the healing power of harmony and melody.
No experience necessary!

Harmony Week Morning Tea
Date: Wednesday, 18/03/2015
Time: 10.00AM – 11.30AM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
The message of Harmony Week is that everyone belongs. It is a week to celebrate Australia’s diversity and to encourage cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come here from many countries around the world.
Celebrate Harmony Week with a delicious morning tea at BreaCan. Meet old friends and make some new ones.
All are welcome.

Date: Monday, 23/03/2015
Time: 11.00AM – 12.30PM
Location: Women's Health Victoria

Qigong is an ancient Chinese complementary health practice. It consists of simple, gentle techniques designed to improve the flow of energy and blood to restore balance to the body, and to calm the mind and the emotions. The Director of Open Sky Qigong, will guide us through a few of these powerful practices and answer questions about Qigong.

The What, Where and How of Lymphoedema
Date: Thursday, 26/03/2015
Time: 12.30PM – 2.00PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
Some women are at risk of lymphoedema after having surgery which removes lymph glands. Come along and hear about what lymphoedema is, early warning signs to look out for, how to minimise the risk of developing it and how to best manage it if it develops. Our presenter is an experienced physiotherapist who has worked with women for 25 years. She will also talk about where to find assistance through a Lymphoedema Therapist and support organisations.


Poetry Workshop
Date: Thursday, 09/04/2015
Time: 11.00AM – 12.30PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
Poetry can be another way of exploring our experience, helping us say things that can’t be expressed in any other way. Poet and teacher, Cathy Altmann published Circumnavigation in 2014. Cathy will share some of her poems and talk about the role poetry played in her experience of breast cancer. There will also be the opportunity for participants to try some exercises and ideas to get their own writing started. Anyone can have a go; no experience with poetry or writing is necessary.

What is Advance Care Planning?
Date: Wednesday, 22/04/2015
Time: 11.00AM – 12.30PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
Whatever our current state of health, any of us could become ill suddenly and be unable to tell doctors what type of medical care we do or don’t want. Whether it’s a sudden accident or the gradual worsening of an illness; it’s important for our family and friends to understand our perspective on the care we would want in the event that we can’t communicate our wishes. Advance Care Planning is a series of steps we can take to express our wishes and preferences for our medical care. A volunteer ambassador from the Austin Health’s Respecting Patient Choices Program will talk about this topic including the role of Medical Power Of Attorney. A BreaCan service user will also speak about her own experience of creating an advance care plan. There will be plenty of time

Bras, Boobs and Breast Forms
Date: Thursday, 30/04/2015
Time: 11.30AM – 1.00PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
An experienced Corsetry and Post-Mastectomy Bra Fitter will cover the finer points in finding that elusive, well-fitting bra. The session will cover traditional bras, bras for breast forms and bathers, as well as tips on looking after your bras and breast forms. A range of bras will be modelled by peer support volunteers, who have experienced breast cancer.


Date: Wednesday, 06/05/2015
Time: 10.30AM – 12.00PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
Swami Karunananda is a classical yoga teacher from Doncaster Meditation and Yoga. In this session Swamiji will talk about the benefits of yoga in improving health and wellbeing. She will also lead practical exercises for deep relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and conscious breathing.

Please this session will be conducted sitting in chairs or standing.

Sex, Sensuality and Cancer
Date: Monday, 11/05/2015
Time: 11.00AM – 12.30PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
Many women experience changes to their sexual self after a cancer diagnosis. If you are looking for ideas and advice on how to manage and embrace these changes come along to this fun, frank and practical workshop run by a Sexual Health Educator. Victoria Cullen from the women friendly sensuality shop Passionfruit, will facilitate this session exploring the tools, mindset and techniques needed to ensure your sexual life flourishes during and after cancer. This workshop is for any woman undergoing or recovering from cancer, whatever your relationship status or sexuality, who wants to learn more about sex, sensuality and self-discovery.

Demystifying Chinese Medicine
Date: Thursday, 21/05/2015
Time: 12.30PM – 2.00PM
Location: Breacan Resource Centre

Breacan Resource Centre
This session will be presented by an experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner who specialises in working with people living with cancer. He will explain the principles of Chinese medicine and talk about the complementary role that both acupuncture and Chinese herbs can play in managing the side-effects of cancer and maintaining general wellbeing.

Regular Activities

Upcoming dates: 4 & 18 February; 4 & 18 March; 1, 15 & 29 April; 13 & 27 May
This program offers gentle exercise to tone the body and help the lymphatic system. Conducted by a qualified instructor, the sessions are held fortnightly on a Wednesday from 10.30-11.30am. Women participating need to complete enrolment forms prior to attending. Call 1300 781 500 or visit our website for more information.

Reflexology is a system of health care, incorporating mind, body and spirit. It offers tangible benefits to those living with a diagnosis of cancer and complements existing treatments. These sessions are delivered by a qualified reflexologist and offer an opportunity to alleviate some of your stress and tension. Please call 1300 781 500 to book an appointment.

BreaCan offers a program of events specifically for women living with advanced breast or advanced gynaecological cancers (sometimes referred to as metastatic or secondary cancer). If you would like to know more, please call 1300 781 500 or visit the Making Connections page on our website.

Our address is:
Queen Victoria Women's Centre
Ground Floor, 210 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Vic 3000



Below is our Making Connections program of events for February to May 2015, specifically for women living with advanced breast or an advanced gynaecological cancer. If you are interested in attending a session, please visit the website or call us on 1300 781 500 or email us at breacan@breacan.org.au to reserve your place. If you have suggestions for events or gatherings please feel free to contact us.

Treatment Options for Advanced Breast Cancer
Thursday 5 March, 10.30am - 12:00pm

Dr Catherine Oakman will present and answer questions on the different medical treatments available for advanced (secondary or metastatic) breast cancer, options for symptom control, as well as new developments and approaches that may be possibilities in the future. Catherine is a Medical Oncologist working at The Royal Melbourne & Women’s Hospitals combined Breast Service and the Western Hospital Breast Clinic.

This session will be run at the BreaCan Resource Centre and simultaneously as a webinar. This means that you can connect from home or wherever you are via computer. You will see Catherine’s slides and hear her voice and you will be able to type in any questions you have.

To attend the session in person: Book online or Email a request to attend this session

Coffee 'n Cupcakes... and Reflexology too!
Monday 20 April, 10.30am - 12pm

A special morning tea for women living with advanced cancer; brewed coffee, a range of teas, delicious cupcakes and to top it all o ff, some pampering with reflexology! Come along to BreaCan and chat with other women living with advanced cancer and our volunteers. We hope we will see you there.

Please phone us if you are planning to come so we can book your reflexology time. Our reflexologist Bernadette will tailor your reflexology session to your needs on the day, even if you are not feeling 100%.

Book the morning tea online or Email a request to attend this session
(Call 1300 781 500 to book your reflexology time)

Ongoing Programs at BreaCan

What's On: Free information sessions and activities for all women diagnosed with breast and gynaecological cancers. The current What’s On program has lots of interesting sessions that you may like to attend. These include Shrinking the Worries in February, Qigong in May, Advance Care Planning in April and many more.

Reflexology: Reflexology is a gentle therapeutic foot massage provided by a qualified reflexologist. BreaCan offers free 40 minute reflexology appointments once a month on Thursdays. Booking is essential, so please phone us on 1300 781 500.

Ongoing programs
Feel Good is a gentle exercise program, held fortnightly, in the city, and conducted by a qualified fitness instructor. Sessions are open to all ages and all levels of fitness. Phone us to find out how you can register to be involved and when the next session is being held.

Connecting From Home

Contact us by phone 1300 781 500 or email breacan@breacan.org.au. If we’re not available we will get back to you the next time the Resource Centre is open (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday).

For Skype users our Skype name is BreaCanSupport1. You can call us Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, between 10am and 2pm).

A wide range of our past information sessions are available to listen to by podcast — see http://www.breacan.org.au/podcasts/ Some that have been particularly popular include Tara McKinty’s Living with Uncertainty — for women living with advanced cancer, and Shirley Wong’s Peripheral Neuropathy.

Starting this year we will be offering more sessions as webinars. Look for the symbol below to show that a session is also being broadcast simultaneously as a webinar. In the current program Exercise During and After Cancer

Treatment on 26 February and Treatment Options for Advanced Breast Cancer on 5 March, will be among those offered as webinars. See our website to register.

BreaCan Peer Support Volunteer In-take

We’re kicking off this year with a recruitment campaign for peer support volunteers. Our peer support volunteers are the backbone of BreaCan. They help women facing a gynaecological or breast cancer diagnosis through listening, supporting and providing information.

You may know of someone who would be a great addition to our peer support team, or you may be interested in volunteering yourself. If you’re interested in finding out more, please visit our website or contact our Volunteer Coordinator Kellie Holland on 9921 0834.

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