Hi, new to this site

Talk about anything here.
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Postby Janine » Thu Feb 01, 2007 4:19 pm

Hi yowyow, and welcome.

One of the main reasons we started this forum (despite the existence of some excellent overseas boards), is because we wanted more local content. It's great to 'meet' more and more Aussies and we are still growing and getting busier.

What a lousey birthday for you! Wow, a lot happened to you in a few months. It must have been such a shock to have gone through all that surgery and lost both breasts in just two weeks.

I hope your lung nodule has at least shrunk if not GONE! It can be really stressful waiting for these tests and then waiting again for the results.

all the best
1st dx ILC st 3, er+, pr+, her2-, T3, N1 1998. Bone mets 2004. Liver mets 2008. Leptomeningial mets 2009.

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Postby jezza » Wed Jan 31, 2007 8:41 pm

Hi yowyow

Actually have met you before and enjoyed your posts on bc.org.

Its good to have a site like this as well for a little "local knowledge"

Catch up with you soon


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Hi, new to this site

Postby yowyow » Wed Jan 31, 2007 6:53 pm

Hi all, You may find this post somewhere else ??? I dont know I am a newbie here and dont know where I sent it.
"""chemo brain"""

I have been on other sites and chats but most girls are from America and I felt I needed something a little closer to home aswell.

Had lumpectomy, partial mast', bilat'mast within 14 days. 1.4cm tumor and 5cm DCIS, 1+ node, triple neg'
finished 6 FEC tmts in October. Scans in May found a 5mm nodule in my lung and will be having CT end of Feb'
obviously hoping its still there and still 5mm (SH#%#*& myself)

Looking forward to chatting to you all.
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